Trustworthy AI for Healthcare and Science Lab at 4th Gliwice Municipal Hospital

Artificial Intelligence poses opportunities and threats to society. In the field of healthcare, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently promising support for healthcare professionals in their decision-making process of disease pattern detection or predicting risk situations for patients. However, when these AI systems’ outputs affect the patient’s life, their adoption in clinical routine encounters barriers related to the trustworthiness of the outputs.

The  Trustworthy AI for Healthcare and Science Lab at 4th Gliwice Municipal Hospital is an interdisciplinary and international research community to evaluate and discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Science as part of the Z-Inspection® Initiative. The mission of the Trustworthy AI initiative is to advance AI research, education, and policy as well as offer best practices to support ethical, responsible, mindful, sustainable, trustworthy AI and AI-based applications. We are also interested in developing new AI methods to help evaluate and quantify such principles.

Z-Inspection® is now listed in the new  OECD Catalogue of AI Tools & Metrics and is distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA) license.

Lead researcher:

Adam Golda MD PhD
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Main advisor:
Roberto Zicari, Prof.

Advisory Board of Z-inspection:


ul. Kościuszki 29 / Zygmunta Starego 20
44-100 Gliwice